Expectation and resource management can be very exhausting, and team members don’t seem to help! Frontend vs. backend holy wars demotivate the team, and there is seemingly no common base. Let’s decipher the secret laws and mechanics of the software development delivery chain.

Triangle of software development

Similar to a triangle of expectation, I…

A couple of weeks ago, the Russian half governmental, educational foundation Vsenauka bought out the copyright from the holders of the most important popular science books of the last years. Some of them have already crossed my path, like “Brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking or “Hyperspace” by Michio…


Germany is an attractive country for career and life. While living and working in Germany for 10 years now, I’ve been in different situations and worked for various companies. Here are is what I’ve learned and all you need to know.

1. Working permit

If you are not an EU citizen, you would…

Thorin Schiffer

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