What were the popular languages of the past and present created for?

The history of programming already counts seven decades, and diverse languages came and went. Each of them was created for some purpose, all of them aimed to solve the problems of technologies from the previous generation. Check out the brief history of six programming languages and their original purposes, and where the development has led them.


One of the oldest programming languages out there is Fortran (FORmula TRANslation). It was used by NASA, created by IBM, and if you are not a stranger to data science, you would probably know the prominent scientific packages that have been in development for…


Understanding processes and patterns

Expectation and resource management can be very exhausting, and team members don’t seem to help! Frontend vs. backend holy wars demotivate the team, and there is seemingly no common base. Let’s decipher the secret laws and mechanics of the software development delivery chain.

Triangle of software development

Similar to a triangle of expectation, I came up with a triangle of software development:


the short story

Learning from your own mistakes is a big deal. You give your best, but your software has more and more bugs, the app is slow, your devs give their best, but nothing is changing. How come?

Check out the story of an imaginable car store losing its market share because of the quality degradation from the developer's point of view and how playing by the rules can be very beneficial in IT.

Architectural decision

One of the weaknesses of REST architecture is its inflexible data model. In comparison to RPC, where every client can request the methods of the server API as…


Fullstack by backend

Since the very beginning of my career, I see the position descriptions like “Fullstack developer this” or “Fullstack developer that.” Speaking a language doesn’t mean understanding anything written in it. Here is what I think about it, with many pictures too!


Comprehensive guide

A friend working for a bank told me once desperately: “Why do we pay so much for the IBAN parser? 300 Euro per month? I can’t believe why is this so expensive”. All I had to answer: “I can do it for 50 :D”. He confirmed he would take the deal, and I started researching. Well, deals with business people you know.


Work, language skills, health & retirement, insurances, termination

Employment in Germany is a safe bay for those who want to spare the hustle and an excellent starting point for those who have just recently moved. Going on your own and switching to an all-by-myself model can be a big challenge; here are the 10 things you absolutely must know before you switch to freelance.

Make sure you check out my guide on employment in Germany before you read this.

Things 1 to 5: difference to employment, registration, money, downsides, and taxes.

6. Working with German companies

Germans love predictability. Who doesn’t? When I have just started freelancing, I thought it would be similar…


Difference to employment, registration, money, downsides, and taxes

Want to earn 10k Euro per month after taxation? Doable! But going on your own and switching to an all-by-myself model can be a big challenge. Here are the 10 things you absolutely must know before you start freelancing in Germany.

Make sure you check out my guide on employment in Germany before you read this.

1. Difference to Employment

First and foremost: freelancing is different from employment in many ways. You are responsible for your own actions, the amount of work you will, want, and able to do, and learning to balance those three things. Freelance gives you much bigger freedom and burdens…

A couple of weeks ago, the Russian half governmental, educational foundation Vsenauka bought out the copyright from the holders of the most important popular science books of the last years. Some of them have already crossed my path, like “Brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking or “Hyperspace” by Michio Kaku (blown away by that book). Overall of 40 books in different formats directly downloadable. So if you speak Russian, you have an outstanding opportunity to widen your horizon.

That’s a huge deal because some of those books don’t really align with what Russia currently is — an authoritarian cybersuperstate…


Vacation, workers rights, contract termination

Germany is the fourth economy globally and the biggest in Europe. Working here is an attractive opportunity, but everything has a price. Check out the things you need to know from my 10 years of experience of employment in Germany.

Make sure you read the part 1: working permit, salary, health insurance, retirement, unemployment insurance, taxes, German IT.

8. Vacation

German employment legislation regulates a minimum of 24 days of vacation per year. Most employers add a generous amount to it, so in IT, you can expect 25 to 30 days on average. You keep the full salary during the entire vacation.


Working permit, salary, health insurance, retirement, unemployment insurance, taxes, German IT

Germany is an attractive country for career and life. While living and working in Germany for 10 years now, I’ve been in different situations and worked for various companies. Here are is what I’ve learned and all you need to know.

1. Working permit

If you are not an EU citizen, you would probably need a working permit in Germany. For people working in IT, it’s not going to be a big deal; still, if you are not familiar with the process, it can get quite overwhelming.

Germany has somewhat acknowledged the intensifying IT disaster and qualified staff shortage. You can get a…

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